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What I Like – Features Info

We are seeking contemporary artists who create artwork of a nature that could be considered erotic for feature articles, interviews, mini shows, and more here on Modern Erotic Art.

Though a few people are involved in this site all final decisions end up falling on one person.
Me (aka Paintchips)
So, I shall tell you what I like and am looking for in a feature.

First of all I would like to point out that all art is subjective, and so is eroticism.
Sexual content and nudity does not automatically make something erotic even though a large percentage of people think of it so.
We love the art of nudes here at, and certainly enjoy sexual expression, but eroticism can be shown and/or suggested without such things also.
If YOU feel it is erotic, then at least to one person it is.
That being said… just having eroticism to it doesn’t make it great art.

What I like in a feature is a nice body of work that fits together.
Think of it as if you are putting a selection together for a small one person gallery showing.

Mixed themes and styles are fine, but usually the viewer is going to enjoy a body of work with similarities in subject matter, style, and mediums more than a mixed showing.

If you are a very prolific artist who has a massive body of current work I would also much prefer to feature your artwork twice in themed features rather than once in a mixed feature.
Example: Feature #1 = erotic oil paintings and then later – Feature #2 figures in watercolors.

Ready? Then just go here, and follow the steps to get your 15 minutes on Modern Erotic Art.

1) Submitting your art does not mean it will be shown. We are very selective of the artists we showcase here on the site. If your art is not shown please be aware that it is simply a matter of personal opinion. Carry on with your artwork and don’t worry about it. Maybe submit some other art at a later time.

2) If your images are of bad quality we can’t use them. Submit nice images that fall within our specifications. They will be posted at a low print dpi with watermarks that include the artist name and so there is no need to worry about people pulling quality prints from them.

3) The more information you give us on the form the easier it is to write about you. We/I will usually write to you once or twice with extra questions to flesh out your feature.

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