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Sexually Themed Paintings By Aarron Laidig

What makes a painting a work of erotic art? According to Aarron Laidig it isn’t sexual themes. Though much of his work is obviously of an erotic nature, Aarron is more about exploring sexual situations, primal needs, fantasies, and base instincts than anything else. Shown above (Pedilicious) explores the eroticism of the foot fetishist while […]


Artist Spotlight – Tarra Lu

I am a lover of contrast. So stumbling across the work of Tarra Lu (Tarra Louis-Charles) was a happy moment for me. Born in Brooklyn, NY, and currently residing in Boston, MA. Tarra Lu claims to have had a very nomadic life. Seeing so many different places and ways of living helped shape the tapestry […]


John Silver captures sensuality and beauty with paint

I have followed John Silver’s work since I first came across it five or six years ago. What impressed me then was the soft yet powerful way he often uses light. The sensuality, and beauty of John’s figurative work made me often think of different times and movements in art. After contacting John Silver to […]

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