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If you are an artist who creates work of an erotic nature or utilizes sexual imagery in your art on a regular basis we would love to hear from you and see your work.

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Things to include:
1) Your name.
If you use a pseudo-name please also include your real name and a note as to which one you want used.
2) contact email.
If you do not want it published please make a note of it.
3) Website links you’d like included.
These can be your personal websites, artist community pages, online portfolios, etc…
4) A bit about yourself and your art in general.
This could include your background, inspirations, where you see your art going in the future, etc…
5) Your art.
Please submit at least 3 images and no more than 12 images.
Please send only jpg/jpeg type files which are a minimum of 700 pixels wide and no wider than 1400 pixels. Images should have no watermarks of any sort on them and be no larger than 1MB in size. Label/name your images by title of work followed by your name. EXAMPLE: nude_with_flowers_by_john_doe.jpg
6) A description of each image you sent.
This would include title, dimensions, mediums used, approximate year created at a minimum.
Better would be to include your motivations for the artwork, how you or other perceive the work, creation process, etc… pretty much whatever you would like to share.

We look forward to seeing your art.

Want to know more about what we look for before submitting your art?
Read about what I like to see in a feature submit here.

1) If you fail to submit images as stated above your submission will be ignored.
Please send only jpg/jpeg type files which follow the above guidelines.
2) We must have at least 3 images to use = 3 we like.
You may submit up to 12 images for us to select from.
Features will on average contain between 3 and 6 images.
3) We don’t check emails daily. It may take up to a week before we get your submission.

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