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Sexually Themed Paintings By Aarron Laidig

Posted on | July 17, 2013 | Comments Off on Sexually Themed Paintings By Aarron Laidig

What makes a painting a work of erotic art?
According to Aarron Laidig it isn’t sexual themes.
Though much of his work is obviously of an erotic nature, Aarron is more about exploring sexual situations, primal needs, fantasies, and base instincts than anything else.

Pedilicious Erotic Foot Fetish Painting By Aarron Laidig

Shown above (Pedilicious) explores the eroticism of the foot fetishist while “Solving The Puzzle,” (below) explores the often elusive female orgasm.

Solving The Puzzle on Modern Erotic Art

Aarron Laidig is a life long visual artist and the son of a visual artist.
He was literally raised in a large art studio and surrounded by working artists throughout his youth.
He claims he couldn’t hold a “regular job” if his life depended on it because he is prone to drop whatever he is doing and start a project whenever the mood strikes him.

Blue In You on Modern Erotic Art

Though Aarron has worked in art his entire life, it wasn’t until 2011 that he decided to tackle the subject of sex and sexuality in his work as a primary subject.
If you ask him what motivated him to do so he will tell you that 1) It was a natural progression that happened on it’s own through a collision of his work life and his personal life, and 2) It needs to be done because it is the number one driving instinct of humanity.

Cascade Of Imagination Modern Erotic Art

It is Aarron’s belief that most everything humans do is somehow rooted to eating and sex. That these two things are the roots of it all, and sex is not represented in all it’s many forms like food is.
In his words “People work for it, dream of it, fantasize about it, feel guilty over it, avoid it, and screw their lives up over it.”
Food or sex, they are both primal needs so that statement is meant for either or both.

Goddess Of Gluttony Modern erotic Art

Pushing boundaries and assailing the viewers senses with over stimulation is another part of what Aarron likes to do. The Use of bold strokes or lines with vivid colors that pop from the canvas serve as tools for doing this, but subject matter and distorted perspectives are what really do it.

It's Happening Modern Erotic Art

For his sexually themed art Aarron tends to work rather small in comparison to his non sexually themed works.
When asked why he says “I try and fit it in as small a space as I can while still making it seem big. That is sex. It is this little thing that is huge. It could be just fifteen minutes on a Saturday night, but will most likely matter more than the other 10065 minutes of the whole week.”

Red Girl Orgy Modern erotic art

Aarron currently lives in Washington State where besides working in various forms of visual art, he enjoys bicycling, gardening, and the occasional hike.

Spectacular By Aarron Laidig on Modern Erotic Art

Aarron Laidig maintans a catalog of available original erotic artwork
and blogs about his art
Some of Aarron’s art is available as prints

To Have Lain With Aurora Modern Erotic Art



Aarron maintains his contact information on his website.




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