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Sensuality with watercolors by Stephanie Noblet

Posted on | June 20, 2013 | Comments Off on Sensuality with watercolors by Stephanie Noblet

I came across one of Stephanie Noblet’s (AKA mademoiselle Zazie) oil paintings rather by chance one day while perusing art blogs and followed a link that brought me to more. It was well worth it because I found a treasure trove of beautiful imagery.

Clair de lune sensual watercolor art

On first seeing Stephanie’s work I thought to myself that she had a very whimsical and natural style.
Some art at first glance gives me a feeling of of nature rather than nurture.
That was the case with Stephanie Noblet’s watercolor works.

Once I delved a bit farther I found out I was very much on target.
Stephanie is a fully self taught artist who didn’t begin her artistic adventures until just a few years ago. (2008)
If that doesn’t call out “Natural Talent,” I don’t know what does.

Café de Flore sensual art watercolor

When I emailed Stephanie about featuring her art here on she pointed out that she considered her art to be “sensual” rather than erotic.
I would definitely agree with that statement.
Sensuality however is very much a prime ingredient in eroticism.
In the case of Stephanie’s watercolor works I would say that the sensuality stems as much, if not more from her technique and style than from her subject matter.

Au moulin de la Galette

Stephanie says she chooses to paint women as her primary subject matter because the diversity is quite extensive.
Mix up reality and unreality is something she likes to do, as well.
Gesture, emotions in the eyes, sensuality, unreal effects , colors, all of these are her goals in art.

All Good Things Stephanie Noblet on Modern Erotic Art


Dans les nuages sensual watercolor artwork




Montmartre Stephanie Noblet AKA mademoiselle Zazie.


Nuit blanche

If you would like to see more work by Stephanie Noblet AKA mademoiselle Zazie,
just check out her website:
She also maintains a profile on Fine Art America
and can be contacted via email at

Strawberry Swing



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