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John Silver captures sensuality and beauty with paint

Posted on | June 17, 2013 | Comments Off on John Silver captures sensuality and beauty with paint

I have followed John Silver’s work since I first came across it five or six years ago.
What impressed me then was the soft yet powerful way he often uses light.

Sarah by the window By John Silver

The sensuality, and beauty of John’s figurative work made me often think of different times and movements in art.

After contacting John Silver to ask about his work he readily points out that not only does he borrow from the masters of old, but he has spent most of his life studying the techniques, materials and knowledge of the Old Masters in great detail.
John is a completely self taught artist and cites Rembrant, Da Vinci, Titian, Caravagio, Vermeer, Poussin, Rubens and many others as major influences.

Ray of light by John Silver Modern Erotic Art

John says that most of his paintings are painted using these (sometimes secret) 500 year old techniques that he studies, but mainly it is painting a “Grisaille”, or monochromatic underpainting and then glazing the colours over the top.

Mona Lisa II by John Silver

ABOVE: “Mona Lisa II” Oils on Hand prepared wooden gesso panel. 30 x 21 inches
John’s homage to Da Vinci. John says he used the same 500 year old techniques as used by Da Vinci himself for this painting and that he thinks this is maybe how Leonardo would have liked to have painted her. Painted 2013.

Meditation by John Silver

Being a lover of series paintings I was very excited that John included these next three to send me for Modern Erotic Art.

Masquerade I
Masquerade I John-Silver

Masquerade II
Masquerade II by John Silver on Modern Erotic Art

Masquerade III
Masquerade III John Silver

When speaking of his style and subject matter John Silver says he has always been in love with the depiction of the female form and tries to capture it’s beauty, eroticism and sensuality in his work. John say’s he primarily works in two styles. One being detailed realism and the other a more loose contemporary art style. He also points out that his seems to be evolving these days into an amalgamation of the two, but his first great love will always be the styles and techniques of the Old Masters.

Film Noir I By John Silver

Besides Being an amazing figurative painter John is also very well known for his canine and equestrian works and is the only living artist to have work permanently hanging in
the prestigious gallery of the Kennel Club in London UK.

John Silver is a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists and won the “Best artist award” in 2012. John  was awarded the “Best new artist award” by the Fine Art Trade Guild in 1994.

John currently lives and works in Shropshire UK and says his current art “project” is a series of Old master style paintings, with classical ancient Greek mythology themes, sometimes with a contemporary twist.

For more of John Silver visit these websites:

Emerging I by John Silver

To contact John Silver for information on paintings and prints, portraits or commissions you can email him at at:

Abandon by John Silver

On a personal note… It was a pleasure to start off the features with the works of John Silver.
Great talent, a great eye, and masterful works.

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