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Artist Spotlight – Tarra Lu

Posted on | June 26, 2013 | Comments Off on Artist Spotlight – Tarra Lu

I am a lover of contrast. So stumbling across the work of Tarra Lu (Tarra Louis-Charles) was a happy moment for me.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, and currently residing in Boston, MA. Tarra Lu claims to have had a very nomadic life. Seeing so many different places and ways of living helped shape the tapestry of her art.

flames By Tarra Louis-Charles

When mentioning her travels Tarra Lu points out that she lived in Haiti for 4 years and felt a strong connection with her heritage.
In Haiti she found a vibrancy in both the people around her and the different types of art she saw. She says it caused in her a yearning to draw more expressive and colorful works of art.

Moonlight painting by Tarra Louis-Charles

Tarra Lu is a completely self taught artist. She says that although her family discouraged her from going to art school, she never stopped pursuing her passions, and found other pathways to grow as an artist, both personally and professionally.

Release me by Tarra Louis-Charles

When asked where she sees her art heading in the future Tarra Lu says “I don’t know where my vision/art will take me, but along the way I would be satisfied to know that my art work gets people to feel, encourages people to open up and be vulnerable, and creates a kind of spiritual unity.”

I like that outlook.

To check out more of Tarra Louis-Charles’s work you can visit her website
Tarra Lu also maintains a FaceBook page
and you can contact her via email about her work at


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